Advice that creates value

real_estateOwning property in Costa Rica is a safe, attractive and secure investment.

We have advised hotels, lodges, investors and developers concerning different aspects of their real estate and tourism projects. Comprehensive due diligence during the buying process is critical. ALPI is specialized in bridging the gap to facilitate transactions.

Our focus is practical advice during the negotiation, closing, financing and construction process.

We also handle civil litigation involving real estate issues.

Unfortunately, property scams and frauds do occur in Costa Rica. Luckily, most can be avoided.
Proper advice and due diligence is essential.

Pre-Purchase Advice

The booming tourism and real estate market in Costa Rica demands counsel specialized in industry specific cross-border investment and transactions, land acquisition, construction, financing, leasing, joint-ventures, urbanization, and environmental compliance.

Without a doubt, many of the deals that go sour are due to lack of basic review even before the first steps of the negotiation.

  • We assist in negotiation and consult on the best practices during this phase
  • We conduct independent review of the property’s legal status, clear title clear, liabilities and taxes
  • Cross check the information provided by the real estate agency or the seller for accuracy
  • Drafting safe Option to Purchase Agreements
  • Consult on the legal ramifications of any documents to be signed and translate them, if required

Structuring Deals

A real estate or property transfer can take many forms. Under certain conditions, a straightforward transfer deed may not be the most beneficial structure for a deal. Often companies (mainly, limited liability companies) or corporations (“sociedades anónimas”) are used to conduct indirect transfers, which can reduce expenses and facilitate estate planning in the long term.

In any case, after the deal is closed registration before the National Registry will still likely be required. We make sure that this is done correctly.

  • What is the most cost-effective and secure structure for the deal
  • What strategies can reduce potential risks
  • Should the services of an escrow agent be used?
  • Review and follow-up on registration

Property Monitoring

We conduct periodical review of the legal status and registration of your property or legal entity to make sure that everything is in order. We also follow-up with you on the timely payment of taxes and fulfillment of any legal obligation under Cost Rican law in connection to property ownership.

Claims & Litigation

Sometimes, even when due care is employed, obstacles do happen. We can advise on the best way to approach a difficult situation, keeping cost-effectiveness in mind, to achieve the best result.

  • Civil litigation before the Costa Rican Courts
  • Arbitration
  • Demand letters for claims and damages