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A small law firm, with a big commitment spanning three generations

We deliver fast, cost-effective solutions
An associate with intimate knowledge of regional business that can advise on the most cost-effective way to secure and protect your valuable intangible assets is increasingly important in today’s highly completive global market.

Our team accumulates decades of experience in matters relating to IP: from trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets, to false advertising, unfair competition and litigation. We provide you with the information needed to take the timely decisions required to maintain and effectively advocate your intellectual property rights.

We firmly believe that transparency in our communications and a solid understanding of IP around the world allows us to provide services of the highest quality to our international clients.

We help our clients develop, identify, protect and commercialize their intellectual property. Our compromise is to work closely with you to understand the importance of an IP asset and the best way to invest in its protection.
We have successfully handled matters ranging from complex patent litigation involving government procurement, to auditing the portfolio of trademarks for a mayor clothing corporation, protecting the visual identity of a designer’s line of products or setting up a strategy against genericide to defend a popular local brand against infringement by its competitors. We can advise on the best possibilities that the Costa Rican framework for protection of IP can offer.

Our IP services include: