Worldwide protection A strong network of contacts allows us to
cater to the needs of our clients around
the globe.
Inquire about 1-stop IP filings in Central America
Protecting your ideas, defending your business Trademarks Patents Copyrights IP Strategy We offer creative solutions. This is why many
IP departments, foreign associates, businesses
and individuals choose to work with us.
Video Thinking about investing in Costa Rica? We can help. Many of our clients are individuals or small and medium-sized companies purchasing property
or establishing a local presence.
Competitive edge in IP
ALPI accumulates more than six decades of intense experience at the service of our national and international clients.

We are a law firm based in Costa Rica with a special focus on trademark registration, patent applications (including PCT national phase filings), copyrights and other Intellectual Property. Our commitment is to the highest service values, prioritizing reliability, and responsiveness.

We work with companies of all sizes, startups, and inventors in various industries, as well as colleagues across the World that entrust us with their client’s sensitive matters.
Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

We are IP pioneers in Costa Rica.

We are the counsel of choice for foreign law firms, companies and individuals thanks to our strong background in litigation, prosecution and enforcement of trademarks, copyrights, patents and other types of IP.
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Real Estate

Property and Real Estate Law

The right advice is critical to help investors to make their real estate projects become a reality.

We walk you through the initial steps of clearing the title to your property, structuring the deal and making sure that your investments are safe and secure.
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Disputes & Litigation

Knowledge and responsibility in litigation and dispute resolution.

We handle mainly dispute resolution, arbitration, civil and commercial cases throughout the country and up to the Supreme Court, as well as provide local litigation support services for foreign parties.
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Commercial Law and Business

Looking to set up a business in Costa Rica?

Our job is to help you structure your company, get the right contract in plane and secure all the required permits, in the most sensible and cost-efficient manner.
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From Limón to Tamarindo or before the Costa Rica Trademark Office, our English-speaking lawyers relentlessly represent to a diverse range of clients throughout the country. Although we are located in San José, we work where you need us.

Regardless if you need a Costa Rica trademark search to determine if there is likelihood of confusion with a previously registered trademark that might cause a refusal of your registration, or if you need a lawyer to buy property in Tamarindo, our qualified professionals can help you.

Our attorneys have participated in thousands of cases and procedures, combining the right degree of knowledge and the necessary experience to cater to our clients looking to invest in real estate, working in the restaurant industry, opening a business or startup, looking for compliance counsel, outsourcing, and many other fields.

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