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Nicaragua: Intellectual Property Overview

General Information
Conventional Long Form: Republic of Nicaragua
PCT Two-letter Code: NI
Capital: Managua
Currency: Córdoba
Population 5,727,707 inhabitants (est. July 2011)
GDP: $7.695 billion (est. 2012)
Competent Authority: Dirección de Registro de la Propiedad Intelectual (RPI)
Web Site: www.rpi.mific.gob.ni
Membership in International Conventions
TRIPS Agreement (Trade-related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) Yes (WTO member)
Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property July 3, 1996
Madrid Agreement/Protocol (International Registration of Marks) No
Trademark Law Treaty (TLT) September 7, 2012
Nice Agreement (Classification of Goods and Services for Registration of Marks) Applicable
Vienna Agreement (Classification of the Figurative Elements of Marks) Applicable
Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) March 6, 2003
Patent Law Treaty (PLT) No
Washington Treaty (Intellectual Property in Respect of Integrated Circuits) No
Hague Agreement (International Deposit of Industrial Designs) No
Budapest Treaty (International Recognition of the Deposit of Microorganisms for the Purposes of Patent Procedure) August 10, 2006
Strasbourg Agreement (International Patent Classification – IPC) Applicable
Locarno Agreement (Classification for Industrial Designs) Applicable