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Doing business for domestic and international clients

Good communication is essential. We deliver time sensitive and creative insight on legal decisions and transactions

As international commerce and business transactions continue to grow, we understand that timely advice is critical for making the right decisions to reduce risk, while maximizing return on investment.

We provide counsel on business regulations in Costa Rica, transactional advice, corporate structuring, cross-border shareholder relations, corporate record-keeping and documentation, corporate social and environmental responsibility, acquisitions and takeovers. 

Company Formation and Structuring

Costa Rica recognizes many forms of organizations. Most business is conducted through two main types of mercantile legal entities due to their flexibility:

  • corporations (called “sociedades anónimas” in Spanish and abbreviated as “S.A.”)
  • limited liability companies (called “sociedades de responsabilidad limitada” and abbreviated as “Limitada”, “Ltda.” or “S.R.L.”)

Both structures enjoy legal personality, are able to issue stock or shares and limit the liability of the owners. However, each provides advantages and disadvantages depending on the intended use and the characteristics of the founding parties.

The main types of non-profit organizations are foundations (“fundaciones”) and associations (“asociaciones”).

Which one is right for you?

Business Regulations

The regulatory framework of Costa Rica entails a complex interrelation of ever changing judicial precedents, administrative decisions, laws, executive decrees and administrative rules. We facilitate compliance and guide you on the best practices of starting a business, dealing with permits (construction, municipal, sanitary permits), obtaining services, registering property, setting up bank accounts, and enforcing your contracts.

We are external contributors to the World Bank Group’s annual flagship publication Doing Business, where we provide insight into business regulations and legal developments.

Contracts, Transactions and Agreements

An effective contract or agreement is an accurate reflection of the will of the parties, but must also reflect a deep understanding of the business environment to define obligations with the necessary safeguards and remedies.

We have in-depth expertise in dealing with contractual drafting and disputes. We work together with you to understand the critical aspects of the underlying relationship and the work on a clear, concise solution that is drafted specifically to your needs.

  • Trusts
  • General Business Contracts: employee agreements, distribution agreements, purchase and sale agreements, stock option agreements
  • Construction Contracts
  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Franchising