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On average, for US$185, plus professional fees, you can obtain a single class trademark registration in Costa Rica in 4 to 7 months. Why wait?

The only filing requirement is a notarized Power of Attorney (download it here). It may be submitted up to 2 months after the filing date.

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The cost of registration in a single class is on average US$185, plus professional fees.

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In most cases, the smart thing to do is conduct a search before filing a trademark application to anticipate problems or to redefine the strategy.

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Please note that foreign applicants (either natural persons or legal persons) are required to appoint a legal representative domiciled in Costa Rica, such as ourselves, to file and prosecute the application before the Industrial Property Registry, in Spanish “Registro de la Propiedad Industrial“. Please contact us and we will gladly assist.

Registration involves 3 main steps:

Filing & Examination

1-4 months (est.)

The Trademark Office with examine if the application complies with all formal and substantive requirements.

The applicant will be invited to correct any defects; if not possible the Trademark Office will issue a preliminary refusal.


3-4 months (est.)

If the application is allowed for publication, a notice will appear in the Official Gazette for 2 months.

Third parties may file oppositions if they deem that the application infringes their rights.


1 month (est.)

If no oppositions are filed by third parties and the application process transpires normally, the Trademark Office will allow registration.

Registrations have a validity of 10 years, renewable at 10-year intervals.

Check out our Trademark Registration & Filing Guide for more in-depth information.