We specialize in investigations and research pertaining to trademarks, patents and copyrights to help IP owners protect and defend the valuable assets under their care, with informed decisions relevant to the jurisdiction.

We define custom-made strategies for our investigations to help our clients meet their objectives.

Some of our services include:

  • Trademark use or lack of use investigation – We undertake critical, focused, industry-specific investigations to determine if and how a brand is used in the Costa Rica to evaluate the merit of trademark actions (such as cancellation, nullification opposition or infringement). We also scour the market to provide certainty before adopting or launching a new brand
  • Anti-counterfeiting – We can assist in tracking down counterfeit or gray market goods, as well as the persons responsible. We can conduct anonymous or stealth purchases
  • Litigation support – We assists in collection and evidence gathering from public and private sources with the aim of assisting in litigation or enforcement efforts
  • Company research – We research, identify and document the activities and assets of companies, as well as the people behind them