This article discusses some of the main official fees associated with the various trademark matters entrusted to the Costa Rican Industrial Property Registry (“Registro de la Propiedad Industrial”).

Method of Payment

Fees are payable to the Bank of Costa Rica (Banco de Costa Rica) in U.S. dollars. The bank issues a receipt of payment, which is attached to the brief or application. Fees are ordinarily not reimbursable once paid, although there are exceptions in certain qualified cases.

Matter Fee US$ Comment
Trademark Filing 50.00 Per mark and per one class; does not include publication
Change or Amendment to Application 25.00
Division of Application 50.00 Does not include publication fee, if applicable
Publication 145.00 (min). Depends on length of publication notice
Registration N/A Only misc. stamp taxes payable
Trademark Renewal 50.00 Per mark and per class
Trademark Renewal (Grace Period) 75.00 Per mark and per class
License, change of name or transfer 25.00 Per mark and per class
Publication of Change of Name 25.00 est. Depends on length of publication notice
Opposition or Cancellation Action 25.00  No fee for filing response or counter-statement
*Statutory fees according to Trademark & Other Distinctive Signs Law (No. 7978) of Feb. 1st, 2000. Does not include service or proffesional fees.

Fees are subject to change without prior notice, particularly fees associate with publications, due to adjustment, changes in calculation method and CRC/USD exchange rate.